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gna project is an artist-run, project-driven exhibition space in Mälarhöjden, Stockholm.

We offer a forum for contemporary art, for discussion and debate, but also a platform for learning.

In Norse mythology, Gná, the untiring, was a goddess, an ásynja, and a member of the
principal Norse pantheon, the Æsir. She was Frigg’s messenger and ran errands for her to other worlds, riding the horse Hófvarpnir not only on land but also on air and water. Gná was summoned when a message needed to be delivered urgently.

Through art, we seek an open approach and a common language transcending invisible borders. We are the messengers, and this is our vision.


Foto:Anneli Nygårds


The gna project space is run by the artists Annika Thörn Legzdins and Annika Jönsson.

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