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Deconstructing Diagramming Dreaming

Anna Tullberg & Annika Thörn Legzdins


Spring 2021


DDD is a book of photographs and a choir of voices from Daugavpils and Detroit.

A tale of two cities, both embodying the rise and fall of modernist society, from ideologically opposite poles.


Over a couple of years, we (Annika Thörn Legzdins, a photographer and artist, and Anna Tullberg, an arts journalist and radio producer) travelled to Detroit in the USA and Daugavpils in Latvia. We have met many people and seen large parts of the cities, from ordinary residential neighbourhoods to iconic buildings in all their splendour or dilapidation. We have interviewed and taken photos. And we made reflections: these two cities have so much in common. Could they be connected, metaphysically?
DDD is our independent and artistic interpretation of two cities, both embodying the rise and fall of modernist society, from ideologically opposite poles. 


THEN: There was a dream of a magnificent future.
The golden years, when there were lots of jobs and the city was a buzzing engine.
One day, most of it was gone. People and jobs vanished.
Some stayed behind.

NOW: Other dreams. They hover in a sparser urban landscape.


Daugavpils and Detroit are two consumed cities; in our book, they move together towards a new future. The book listens to the voices, documenting the scars and finding the corners where life is budding. We convey selected fragments from the history of the respective cities. Dreams of the future then, and what became of this future, are presented in a choir of interview fragments, alternating with thematic image flows. The geographic situatedness of both the voices and the places has been reduced in order to create a synthesis of two societies.
The introduction, which delves into the different languages and voices in the cities and the scars of urban development, was written by Alf Rehn, professor of innovation, design and management.

The book concludes with a travel account in the form of visual notes from encounters and places. 


The graphic design and concept are by Sandra Praun and Oscar Guermouche. The dream-like atmosphere of the interviews and photographs is reflected in the blue cover with its velvety texture. The structured reality of facts is alluded to in how the color red seeps out through the headband of the book. 

The special edition is complemented with a perforated sheet with a photograph from the book in the form of a stamped and numbered postage stamp with the words “Dreaming of you”.

Contributors: Andrejs Kļučenko (photographs, research Daugavpils) Eva-Teréz Gölin (image editing, prepress), Gabriella Berggren (translation), Bettina Schultz (editing, proofreading).

For more information on the book and the publisher, and to order, please contact praun & guermouche