Dum Spiro Spero


10-12 juni on Instagram

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Dum Spiro Spero

Since the art scene closed down due to Covid-19 we reached out to those previously exhibited at Gna project, and invited them to participate in a digital exhibition.


Dum Spiro Spero means ”While I breathe, I hope” in latin, a modern rewrite of ideas  from two ancient thinkers. When the title was decided the pandemic was roaring the world, but the #icantbreathe was still to be created, and the worldwide protests in solidarity with black lives matters had yet to begin.

Participating artists:

Alex Morel

Ane Svenheden

Anna Henriksson

Annika Jönsson

Annika Thörn Legzdins

Eva-Teréz Gölin

Galina Davydtchenko

Johan Hedbäck

Linda Bergman

Pär Fredin

Svante Larsson

Tina Umer


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