15/10/2020 - 18/10/2020


15/10/2020 17.00-19.00

The Informal Monument

Five years ago, Johan Willner and Peo Olsson initiated the project Heaps. Now, on coming to the end of the process, they are taking the opportunity to review, visualise and arrange their work in the gna project space.


"The Informal Monument" highlights the shape of an often-overlooked player on the field: the heap.

Deceptively modest in appearance, it is the bearer of greater meaning than first meets the eye. With the heap as a centre point, a hub, they use photography, film and sculpture to explore the act of looking and the perception of form and perspective.


As a result of human actions and gravity, a triangle and circle emerge with the heap’s genesis. This basic architectural shape has the durability to represent one of the oldest, and the most decisive, proofs of human presence on our planet. The heap reflects the place, and also its temporality, by existing in the intersection between nature and culture, where it contributes to our historiography. The heap is an informal monument to our impact on nature.


Based on aspects such as activism and history, the project seeks to uncover processes of change that are hidden in the obvious. The heap is like the blind prophet in the classical Greek drama; the constant shape in an ever-changing environment.

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